Rental Inventories

Premium Set

  • "Tale as Old as Time" Picture frame Portals - A beautiful 17' tall and up to 46' wide picture frame with a center "Tale as Old as Time" plaque
  • Unit set Castle- 5 levels, 2 complete stories, 19' feet tall and 40' feet wide.
  • West Wing - sits 9' in the air above the jail cell. 2 different enterances and exits including a trap door in the rear wall for the Beat/ Gaston fight.
  • East Wing - 13' tall wide and slightly elevated for easier viewing of the action, the east wing features beautiful window panels in the background and 3 different enterence/ exits.
  • Center Balcony - 9' wide and framed by a beautiful full-width window, the balcony is a perfect place for the reveal of Belle's dress leading into Tale as Old as Time. 4'4" rise with 2 entrances/ exits.
  • Center Platform - 9' wide with stairs leading down on either side and featuring a fireplace dead center, this piece allows the access from the castle to the dinning room, Belle's room and all playing space down stage.
  • Library - a flying 16' tall by 16' wide column wall of books for the Beast's library. This unit is designed to cover the West Wing of the castle in order to transport us to a different portion of the castle.
  • Village Houses - Left and Right flats with a functional door. Each unit is 16' tall by 9' wide. Flys.
  • Belle's House - A 15' wide by 17' tall flat with functioning door
  • Belle's Bedroom - Belles bed
  • Jail - Under the West Wing
  • Tale as Old as Time Drapes - Purple 50% thickness drapery that frames the dinning room scene. Pairs with chandeliers
  • Tavern Drop - A 20' tall by 40' wide hand painted drop
  • Village Drop - A 20' tall by 40' wide hand painted drop
  • Scary Forest Drop - A 20' tall by 40' wide hand painted drop

  • Props

    Below are the *only* props items to come with the set.

  • Electric Candles - fit the wall sconces. LED, battery operated with remote on/off

  • Set Dressing & Furniture

    Below are the *only* set dressing and furniture items to come with the set. Window treatments, table cloths, etc unless listed, are not included.

  • Chandeliers - 5 chandeliers for the Dinning room
  • Wall Sconces - line the west wing