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Front Row Theatrical Rental provides Premium Broadway costumes rental packages for top-tier theatrical productions. Premium costumes are designed to more closely match scenery seen on national tours. Our costume rental packages are best for Professional theaters, regional theaters and academic institutions with audiences who are used to seeing the biggest, boldest and most grand scenery, costumes and projections. Also available - set rentals, props rentals and projection rentals. Scroll down for a current list of shows for which Front Row Theatrical Rental stocks costume rental packages or...

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Front Row Theatrical Rental is managed and run by professional Broadway stagehands with more than 25 years of experience backstage all across the country. This depth of experience provides a unique understanding and ability to provide for Front Row's clientle and their needs.
Front Row Theatrical offers optional concierge tech services* available with rental sets, costume packages and projections. From on-site technicians for load-in and load-outs, to alterations made before the costume rental package ships to in-house logistics experts handling the trucking, Front Row Theatrical Rental provides piece of mind for its customers.
While other comparable sets would require two trucks, all of Front Row Theatrical Rental's premium Broadway set rentals fit into a single 53' semi truck. With trucking prices at all time highs - and expected to continue to rise - one truck set rentals save clients thousands of dollars. Such substantial savings mean more money viable for additional lighting, sound, costumes or other patrons enhancements.
Front Row Theatrical Rental is one of the nation's only single source providers of Broadway rental packages. Through a single provider, clients can rent any combination of premium sets, costumes, projections and props. Also available for select shows are Complete Show Packages that package rental scenery, costumes and props for a single show. By offering every visual aspect of a show, Front Row's clients save money and time.
In addition to sets, Front Row Theatrical offers optional hand-props packages for many of their premium Broadway set rentals. These packages save clients time and hassle of having to individually source actors props for a show the client is already renting. Props are hand-made and are of high quality.

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