Premium Hunchback Rental Set

Front Row Theatrical Rental’s premium Hunchback of Notre Dame rental set was built in 2017.

This Hunchback rental scenery package has been designed for medium to large stages. Although, it is possible to utilize the set without a fly system, it is recommend that one be used. The set features four 2 story platforms, a choir loft for 40 people, a nine foot tall bells hanger with 5 separate bells that range in diameter from 2′ to 4′ wide. The set is a unit set with various wagons and set props that move around the stage to transport the audience between locations. While a stage deck is NOT included, a suggested pattern is provided to paint the stage in beautiful checkered tiles.

Other pieces of the Hunchback of Notre Dame rental set include, the stake for Topsy Turvy, additional choir pews and a table.

For more information about renting Hunchback of Notre Dame premium scenery please see our “inventory” page here and pictures of the set here. Scroll down for more information.

Scenery Details:

Rigging Details:

Assembly Difficulty:

Crew Operation:

Beautiful Unit Set

A Choir loft for 40 people, four 2 story platforms, climbing posts, a nine foot tall bells hanger and stairs everywhere.

Big Set, Big Impact

This Hunchback of Notre Dame rental set is designed for medium to large stages and to make an impression.


Our The Hunchback of Notre Dame set rental boasts five independent bells ranging from 2' to more than 4' in diameter.

1 Truck

Save up to $4712 over comparable rentals that utilize 2 trucks. This set fits in 1 truck with the impact of a 2 truck show.

Hunchback Premium Set Pictures

Show Pictures

View show pictures from various productions that have utilized Front Row Theatrical Rental's Hunchback of Notre Dame Broadway set rentals

Original Renderings

See the original Hunchback of Notre Dame renderings and get insight as to how the designer suggested each scene could be laid set-up

Backstage Pictures

Get a different view of the Hunchback of Notre Dame set to help you understand how pieces look without fancy lighting or actors