Premium Mamma Mia Rental Set

Front Row Theatrical Rental’s Mamma Mia premium set rental was built in 2018. The design borrows inspiration from the Broadway show, the movie and actual Greek architecture. This large unit set boasts a fully functional second story, usable doors, windows and functional lights. The set also features a manually operated turntable that revolves the stage right apartment revolves on to reveal the inside of the apartment for interior scenes.

Scenery Details:

Rigging Details:

Assembly Difficulty:

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Beautiful Unit Set

16' tall, up to 40' wide, a fully functioning 2nd story, practical doors, a 10' turntable and working lights.


Front Row Theatrical Rental's Mamma Mia set rental is a beautiful unit set with a functional second story and a turn table!

Functional Second Story

This Mamma Mia scenery rental boasts a practical 2nd story apartment complete with functioning doors & windows.

One Truck

Save up to $6000 over comparable rentals that utilize 2 trucks. This set fits in 1 truck with the impact of a 2 truck show.

Mamma Mia Premium Set Pictures

Show Pictures

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Original Renderings

See the original Mamma Mia renderings and get insight as to how the designer suggested each scene could be laid set-up

Backstage Pictures

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