Mamma Mia - What is Included?


Premium Set

  • DONNA’S APARTMENT – the whole unit is on a turntable that spins to revel the interior of the apartment. The second story is also functional.
  • STAGE LEFT APARTMENT – Features a functional door and porch area.
  • APARTMENT EXTERIOR STAIRS – allows outside access to top of Donna’s apartment.
  • REAR “SEA WALL” – Separates the apartments from the upstage area
  • BELL ARCHWAY – plays upstage right. Attaches to the seawall
  • SHOW BACKDROP/ CYC – Hand painted drop with skyline and additional Greek buildings

Set Dressing and Furniture

Set Dressing & Furniture

Below are the *only* set dressing and furniture items to come with the set. Window treatments, table cloths, etc unless listed, are not included.

  • DECORATIVE IVY- For adorning apartments
  • SOPHIE’S BED FRAME – Used in the nightmare. Not rolling, no matress or dressing
  • 2X BENCHES – Used in scenes like the wedding and others at renters choosing.
  • PRACTICAL LIGHTING – to attach to the apartments. Does NOT include special lights for the Mega Mix at the end of the show

Premium Set Pictures

View pictures of the premium Mamma Mia rental set - by Front Row Theatrical Rental - on-stage, backstage and the original renderings.