Premium Matilda Rental Set

Front Row Theatrical Rental's Matilda premium set rental was built in mid 2019. The design borrows inspiration from the Broadway show, the book and other Roald Dahl tales. The traditional set features a beautiful header and legs design that features large bookcases and wooden header trussing with functional lighting. This accentuates a 40' wide back wall designed to frame in the scenes when combined with the header and legs system giving life to Matilda's world. The set design also boasts animated moving projections for the Acrobat and aerialist scenes that are projected in the curvature of the back wall. Another key feature of the Matilda scenery rental is the portable swing set and playground set up. The swings are self-supporting and do not require a fly system. In addition to the swings are seesaw provided to fill out the playground scene inside the park gates. Additional scenes include Matilda's bedroom, Matilda's parent's living room, the park gates, the swings and seesaws, Matilda's bathroom, Trunchbull's office, the Library, Ms. Honey's house, the car dealership sign and of course the classroom with desks. Projections are also included for other scenes beyond the aerialist as a way to further enhance the physical scenery. This set has been designed for venues with medium to large stages. The scenery is consists of wagons and some hung elements along with additional props. A fly system is not required with this set but recommended for ease of installation. Installation will take between 6 and 12 hours + depending on size of crew and the familiarity with standard set installation techniques. For more information about renting the Matilda premium scenery please see our "inventory" page here and pictures of the set here. Scroll down for more information.

Scenery Details:

Rigging Details:

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Key Set Features

Book Legs and Wall

4x 16' tall book legs and a 40' wide book back wall perfect for Matilda's world while being timeless.


For those not hiring a flying company, Front Row's set comes with a full set of ground-based swings.


10 desks are included with the rental pairing with the 16' chalkboard for the Matilda classroom scenes.

1 Truck

Save up to $4712 over comparable rentals that utilize 2 trucks. This set fits in 1 truck with the impact of a 2 truck show.

Matilda Premium Set Pictures

Show Pictures

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Original Renderings

See the original Matilda renderings and get insight as to how the designer suggested each scene could be laid set-up

Backstage Pictures

Get a different view of the Matilda set to help you understand how pieces look without fancy lighting or actors