Below is a comprehensive listing of the set pieces, drops, and props included in each set rental package. If it is not listed then it is likely *NOT* included in the rental. Set rendering pictures can be shown with suggested set dressing items that are *NOT* included. Tip! - Click on a bolded set item title below to directly view a picture of that item.

Premium Set

  • BOOKCASE LEGS – 6 16′ tall, 4′ wide bookcase legs adorned with various letters and books. Included practical lights illuminate the bookcases.
  • WOODEN TRUSS HEADERS – 3 Portal headers with various letters from Matilda’s world.
  • BOOKS BACK WALL – 40′ wide beautiful bookcase wall with functional shelving.
  • LIBRARY DESK – a curved library desk.
  • LIBRARY SLIDER – sliding out from the wing is this additional unit with move shelves and more books to pull us into the library world.
  • MATILDA’S BATHROOM – a compact bathroom counter with see through mirror frame and real sink.
  • MATILDA’S BEDROOM – A large wagon with a fold up bed, shelves and bookcases with more books.
  • LIVING-ROOM – A wagon unit with functional door a lovely curved arch.
  • PLAYGROUND GATES – A three piece wagon with functioning gates and curved brick facade work on either side.
  • SWINGSET – A wagon unit that is ground based and self supporting that contains 4 working swings.
  • MS. HONEY’S HOUSE – A small wagon unit with rear wall.
  • TRUNCHBULL’S OFFICE – A wagon unit with functioning door and shelving for trophies.
  • CHALK BOARD – Flying chalk board with projection or writable surface.


Below are the *only* props items to come with the set.

  • SEESAW’S – 4 functional seesaws that fill out the playground when combined with swings.
  • GYM MATS – 10 Yoga mats in various colors.
  • PODIUM – Podium with hole for magic cup trick.

Set Dressing & Furniture

Below are the *only* set dressing and furniture items to come with the set. Window treatments, table cloths, etc unless listed, are not included.

  • LIBRARY SIGN – Sign for the library.
  • CAR LOT SIGN – sign for the car lot.
  • DESK – Desk for Trunchbulls Office.
  • LIBRARY CART – Rolling cart for the library.
  • CLASSROOM DESKS – 10 sliding desks with seat.


Below are the *only* projections that come with the set as part of the rental. Additional separate projections are available as a separate rental here..

  • ACROBAT AND ESCAPOLOGIST – 3 separate moving projection movies that tell the stories of the Acrobat and Escapologist.

Premium Set Pictures

View pictures of the premium Matilda rental set - by Front Row Theatrical Rental - on-stage, backstage and the original renderings.

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