Premium Newsies Rental Set

Front Row’s Newsies premium set rental was built in 2018. The design borrows inspiration from the Broadway show, the movie, New York City and the tour. This large unit set boasts a 26′ wide catwalk, 2 rolling platforms, 2 rolling stairs, a translucent 21′ wide Newsies wall, and a theatre arch with chase lights. The set also features danceable newspaper stacks and a 13′ tall World Door.


Additional scenes include Jack’s paintings, the cafe, the asylum and Katherines office.


This set has been designed for venues with medium to large stages. The scenery is mostly a unit set with some additional flying scenes. A fly system is highly recommned with this set. Without one there is no way to use the World Doors or the Theatre Arch however the rest of the set can still be used. Installation will take between 6 and 10 hours depending on size of crew and the familiarity with standard set installation techniques.


For more information about renting the Newsies premium scenery please see our “inventory” page here and pictures of the set here. Scroll down for more information.

Scenery Details:

Rigging Details:

Assembly Difficulty:

Crew Operation:

Beautiful Unit Set

26' catwalk, rolling towers and rolling stairs, up to 40' wide and a translucent Newsies Wall.

Newsies Wall

A 21' wide by 18' tall translucent wall with various newspaper clippings

Levels Galore!

Rolling platforms, rolling stairs, catwalks, Front Row's Newsies set provides a variety of levels for your cast to Seize the Day!

One Truck

Save up to $5217 over comparable rentals that utilize 2 trucks. This set fits in 1 truck with the impact of a 2 truck show.

Show Pictures

View show pictures from various productions that have utilized Front Row Theatrical Rental's Newsies set rentals

Original Renderings

See the original Newsies renderings and get insight as to how the designer suggested each scene could be laid set-up

Backstage Pictures

Get a different view of the Newsies set to help you understand how pieces look without fancy lighting or actors



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