Premium Set Information

Premium Matilda Rental Set

Scenery Details:
  • Built: 2019
  • Set Size: Large
  • Wing Space: Moderate
  • # Trucks to Ship: 1
Rigging Details:
  • Line Sets Needed: 3
  • Soft Drops Included: 0
  • Hard Legs/ Headers?: Yes/ Yes
  • Ground-row?: Yes
Assembly Difficulty:
  • Unload Crew: 8+
  • Set Make-Up: Wagons, Hard pieces
  • Ground / Up Riggers?: Yes/ Yes
  • Installation Hours: 5-10+
Crew Operation:
  • Show Crew: 3+
  • Fly-men?: 1+
  • 2nd Story?: No

Key Set Features

Book legs and Wall

4x 16' tall book legs and a 40' wide book back wall perfect for Matilda's world while being timeless.


For those not hiring a flying company, Front Row's set comes with a full set of ground-based swings.


10 desks are included with the rental pairing with the 16' chalkboard for the Matilda classroom scenes.

1 Truck

Save up to $4712 over comparable rentals that utilize 2 trucks. This set fits in 1 truck with the impact of a 2 truck show.

Matilda Premium Set Pictures