Costumes Rental Information

Beauty and the Beast Rental Costumes

Costume Details:
  • Acquired: 2018
  • Plot Size: Large
  • Cast Supported:40+
  • # Pallets to Ship: 2
Sizing Information:
  • Principal Size Range: 2-16
  • Ensemble Bottoms: 28-40 / 4-14
  • Ensemble Tops: 30-44+/ S-XXXL
  • Wigs Included?: Yes
Alteration Details:
  • Alterations Allowed?: Some
  • Sleeves?: Yes
  • Hems?: Yes
  • Inseams?: Yes
Cleaning Information:
  • Dry Clean Only: Some
  • Machine Wash?: Some

Key Costume Features

No Party Costumes

These costumes are high-quality, professional-grade. No cheap, see-through, Party City or Halloween costumes here.

Large Casts OK!

This Beauty and the Beast costume rental contains enough costumes to support casts of 40+ people or more.

Handmade Dresses

Belle's three different dresses including Tale as Old as Time are all hand made and look beautiful..

Multiple Sizes

Ensemble costumes come in multiple sizes for each look allowing the greatest flexibility in sizing.

Beauty and the Beast Costume Package Pictures